K&G Arcade features the following... uhh... features...
  • A humorous storyline featuring Krelmac & Gentoo (if you are unaware of them, may we suggest a visit to the Invasion: Trivia product page? More specifically, the Flash introduction to Krelmac & Gentoo)

  • 25 mini-games in total, spread out over five levels of robot-dodging adventure!

  • Three cinematic scenes to further along the story and make you laugh.

  • Two modes of play: Adventure Mode and Mini-Game Melee. Adventure Mode is the story-driven part of the game, and is also the mechanism that allows you to unlock mini-games to play in Mini-Game Melee mode, which is where you can play any mini-game you have unlocked to your heart's content in either timed mode like you play during the Adventure Mode or "Until I Say Stop".

  • Completely mappable key layout to allow for comfortable play on any device.

  • Low memory footprint (under 3MB storage space and approximately 8MB program memory to run)

  • Wacky sound effects and original music to thrill your auditory sense.

  • Hyper-realistic poly-mesh trans-constituated ultra Z^2-buffering MERC-mapped graphics that will absolutely push the limits of an Abacus! Really, you think Halo 2 looks good? You ain't seen nothin' yet! We've got more textures than you can shake a stick at! Average FPS on even a three-year old PocketPC will be upwards of a gigaquad per cyclic rotational period which means that your brain will literally EXPLODE in response to what your eyes see! *

    * Please note that Etherient is not responsible for the mess your cranial occupant makes as it splatters on the wall of your apartment as it runs for cover from the astoundlingly amazing sights it tries to process while playing this game. Crackhead Creations may be responsible, but we tend to doubt it knowing them.

©2009 Etherient, in association with Crackhead Creations