** Support Issue: Installation Problems

There is a known bug with the installation process which in very limited cases causes the installation to fail during the ActiveSync portion of the installation.

The problem manifests itself by a message which states something to the effect of "if this program does not appear in the list, it may not be for your device". We are actively investigating this issue and will post a fix as soon as we can. Until that time, a work-around exists that should allow you to install the game anyway...

After downloading the Zip archive, unzip it as usual. In the directory you unzipped it to, you will find a file with a .CAB extension. Copy that .CAB file to your device wherever you choose using Windows Explorer as you would any other file. Once it is on your device, run File Explorer on your device and navigate to the folder you copied the file to. Double-click it to execute it, and installation should proceed normally.

If this work-around does not work for you, please eMail us and we will work with you personally to get the game installed using another method.

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