Released on June 18, 2016
Android: Google Play Store
Windows: Direct download

Battlecade is the battle arcade (Get it? Arenít we clever?!) where you have the chance to prove your superiority over your friends, family or total strangers if you prefer, it's all good with us!

Battlecade contains 20 mini-games that you can play as much as you like, trying to get the highest score among you friends. The games are wacky and quirky while taking cues from some of history's greatest game concepts.

Now, get in there and battle... in Battlecade! (sorry, we couldn't resist, that was too obvious of a final line to not use!)

Note that Battlecade originally had network play so that you could challenge others to matches, which is why some of the screenshots below include screens you won't see in the free version. The free version DOES NOT HAVE NETWORK PLAY!