Released on July 9, 2012
Android: Google Play Store
Windows: Direct download

Looking for a brain-rupturing good time? Who isn't?! A good brain rupturing is something we all want! Well, look no more because you found just the ticket- meet Engineer!

In Engineer, you play the part of Jim, burnt-out technician on a decrepit old space station kept afloat by prayers, bubble gum, duct tape... and your wits!

In Engineer it's your job to direct particles generated by the station's fusion generators into the correct particle ports to distribute power throughout the station. It's a seemingly simple task: the particles and ports are color-coded and you manipulate diverters to keep them moving on the right path.

Of course, nothing in life is ever as simple as it first appears.

You'll deal with antiparticles that detonate when they meet the normal particle counterparts and you'll get various powerups to help you get through the 30 levels of mayhem. You'll have to avoid particles entering the diverts in the wrong state, or entering the wrong ports, or else damage to the system occurs. And if a particle goes back into a generator, well, that's a REALLY bad day for Jim!

The levels each have a different pattern of diverters, ports, generators and particle paths, some not so tough, and others, well, let's just say not so easy!

Engineer is a challenging, addicting and above all else, FUN time. It'll make all that money you spent on that super-expensive smartphone or tablet of yours seem well-worth it!

What are you waiting for? Grab Engineer now and get to work "Jim"!